Our Team

Ours is a team-based practice. Each of our advisors has their own unique specialty, and draws on the expertise of other advisors on the team. Your Primary Advisor will assemble a team of specialists to ensure each client family’s unique situation gets the best possible advice and implementation.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your existing advisors in these disciplines. At the same time, our network of service providers may help you fill in any gaps you may have in your advisory team

1) Vijay Osatwal (Business Development and Marketing)

An MBA Graduate from Mumbai entrepreneurship comes naturally to him.Vijay brings in lot of energy to the work place. He uses his experiences to handle any hurdle without breaking a sweat. If you don’t find him in office (which is a rarity) then you can assure that he might be busy exploring new places, Innovations or playing some sports. He handles business strategy, marketing, product and HR. He can Be reached by email: vijay@jpi.co.in

2) Abhijit Ambure (Technical, Admin Head)

Abhijit is our Technical Guy. If there’s something that’s need to be done urgently he is the guy to contact to. He brings life to ideas and is quick at grasping. Indiscipline is something he cannot tolerate, so just be straight forward with him. He looks Over the Innovation and R &D in Minerals Line. He Did his Engineering from Pune And Family Managed Business (FMB) PGPFMB from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.

3) Jai Osatwal (Finance Head)

Jai is the guy who makes sure things are going as planned. Whether its business affairs or internal operations, his focus is to make clients and team members happy. He basically handles all the Account Section of JPI.

4) Vishal Dixit (Operations Head)

With a Expert Knowledge about Products Vishal handles the Production ,Logistics, Supply chain Department Of JPI. He uses his best Knowledge to manage the inventory, Quality check and bridging the Demand Supply chain.